Friday, October 10, 2008

my bad

So, it has come to my attention that people might be checking this space more frequently than I imagined. To those people, who every day come to my little square foot on the internet and are disappointed time and time again, I just want to say I'm sorry... My bad.

Here's the problem with me and blogging. I only do it when I have free time (which is not very often) and when I think I have something funny to say. And by something funny I mean, a story that I have yet to tell at least 8 people...once I have a good story/idea I normally don't get to a computer fast enough to put it out on the interweb before I've told various people.

I did get hit with a soccer ball on wednesday, which isn't terribly tragic most of the time, except that this was a corner kick (so it was kicked from a stationary position with as much force as the kicker could put behind it) and I was only about a first down away from the guy (I have a problem with calculating distances accuratly, I've been told that it might be helpful if I think about it in football terms. Crazily enough, it totally works).

My leg felt numb which was horrifying. Trying to run on a numb leg is, I imagine, akin to trying to run on a pegleg for the first time. You have no idea how much weight it can hold and what was super weird was that where I got hit had goosebumps, but none of the rest of my leg did. And the goosebumps were huge (for goosebumps). I've now used the word goosebumps so many times its seased to have meaning.

Anyway, when I got up the next morning there were still red lines on my leg indicating the seam of the ball where it hit me. That was gross, grosser still when I started showing it to people (almost 24 hours after I got hit). Even all the guys who were giving me shit about complaining were like, "yeah, that's pretty nasty."

Now its Friday so its been about 36 hours and the bruising that has formed is pretty horrifying. You can also still faintly see the line from where the ball is stitched together. I'm really starting to resent that ball, and whoever happens to own it. The person who owns the ball owes me dinner, and probably a leg massage and maybe they should run this 5K for me next weekend.

In other news: uuuuuh, never mind-- I got nothing.

She's pint-sized and amazing.