Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Done and Done (part 6).

So I guess I've reached my sixth year slump. This year did not even really ever feel like a challenge. At no point did I think, "oh man, I might not finish." I did think a couple times, "this story is terrible, I do not really want to be writing it anymore." And even when I only had three days left and 15,000 words still to write it was just a matter of buckling down and spewing out words words words, words that I no longer cared about.

But I did it. And I feel pretty good - but I mean, after six years, I feel like there is no real question about it. It would be more shocking if I failed.

Anyway - I decided about two days ago that this is now too easy for me - so A- I already have my idea for next year (and I wrote it on my computer in a sticky note, so lets just hope I do not delete it between now and then and B- next year the goal is to actually write 1,667 words a day. Naturally, this probably will not work, because there are days when I simply cannot write, but if I can write 1500 words in 30 minutes (as I did this morning to finish on time) then I should be able to write 1,667 on most days.

The best excerpt came from Monday (the 29th) night as I was trying to finish but could not keep my eyes open -

“You have seen waiting for guffman, right?”
“Is it a movie or like a t v show or what exactly? What are we looking at here.”
“It is a movie?”
“What kind?”
“Um, you know a standard American movie where I get a manilia envelope from someone and it does not have porn or anthrax in it.
You win some you loss some.

I have no memory of writing these words (obviously), they were quite a hilarious surprise to wake up to on Tuesday. I do not know quite where this train of thought was going, but I figured it was probably no where good and promptly changed subjects.

Anyway -

Thank you to Boyfriend, and Hazel for being quite snuggly

My yoga ball for being a lovely change from the couch

Season six of the West Wing for being not as terrible as I remember.

My boss who still, despite the fact that I have a real job now, does not care if I take the day off to write.

My very nice cousins for feeding me full of Thanksgiving food and giving me the oompf I needed to cross that 30,000 word bridge.

And Courtney - for always being there with encouragement and lies when I needed them.

See you next year, same time, same place.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

nom nom nom

Normally when I add things to my genius side bar - I do it on the sly. I assume that people, after reading all of the blather that comes out of my mouth/keyboard they will totally trust that I know what I am talking about in terms of amazing web content (and I totally do - all of those people are awesome).

Anyway - recently while wasting time on facebook I discovered a shared link by a friend of mine in Seattle (hi Beanstalk!) - it was for what looked like the most delicious sandwich on the planet. I haven't tried it yet, but I am just waiting for a moment when I am not writing a novel and its not Christmas season and all the other excuses I can make right now - to make this...and enjoy the crap out of it.

This website, Noble Pig is my new internet porn. Food porn. It makes me hungry and it makes me want to cook. As someone who spent most of her childhood avoiding cooking it seems strange to now want it so bad - to crave the challenge and the satisfaction you get from making something and then eating it and knowing it is delicious.

Happy Thanksgiving. Real posts in December (maybe). Eat good.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

funny lady

"It's freeing to fail and realize you didn't die" - Tina Fey

I was in an improv class a year or so ago and my teacher (who, not to toot anyone's horn or anything, is kind of a big deal) told me that if I just stopped fucking worrying so much I could be like Tina Fey. That I had it in me. It was the most amazing compliment I have ever received (so of course I immediately came up with all these excuses about why it wasn't true or that he misspoke or something along those lines).

It has stuck with me, and reminded me that I have potential. But I am a huge worrier. And maybe it'll get better over time, maybe it won't. But I love this video for a lot of reasons. And if Tina Fey ever wants to shoot the shit over fantasy football or why kids on leashes are always the ones who kick puppies or kinds of cake...I would be totally down.

This is not a real blog post...I have a backlog of them in my noggin. But its been a busy few weeks and now I'm attempting (and kind of failing) to Nano (yes, that's right - its a verb now) so all writing over 140 words that doesn't pay me a salary has been put on hold.

Back soon!

She's pint-sized and amazing.