Thursday, November 11, 2010

funny lady

"It's freeing to fail and realize you didn't die" - Tina Fey

I was in an improv class a year or so ago and my teacher (who, not to toot anyone's horn or anything, is kind of a big deal) told me that if I just stopped fucking worrying so much I could be like Tina Fey. That I had it in me. It was the most amazing compliment I have ever received (so of course I immediately came up with all these excuses about why it wasn't true or that he misspoke or something along those lines).

It has stuck with me, and reminded me that I have potential. But I am a huge worrier. And maybe it'll get better over time, maybe it won't. But I love this video for a lot of reasons. And if Tina Fey ever wants to shoot the shit over fantasy football or why kids on leashes are always the ones who kick puppies or kinds of cake...I would be totally down.

This is not a real blog post...I have a backlog of them in my noggin. But its been a busy few weeks and now I'm attempting (and kind of failing) to Nano (yes, that's right - its a verb now) so all writing over 140 words that doesn't pay me a salary has been put on hold.

Back soon!

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