Monday, December 29, 2014

The blogger itch(es)

I should be blowing up this post with photos of my toes and the pool-blue pool in front of me. It's 81 degrees and oh-so-sunny here in the Villages.

However, I have been hurting for a pedicure for like two months and just the thought of the East Coast makes raw, red mosquito bites pop up all over my legs.

So I'm feeling much too imperfect for a pool photo shoot. Even though it is glorious and warm and while the Villages would never be my first choice, it's a pretty nice place to spend a few days after the manic-insanity that is Maryland Christmas. 

So you'll have to just take my word for it. Merry very-late Christmas. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bye 2014-licia

I'm not going to sugar coat it - 2014 was a real stinker of a year.

There were more cumulative minutes of me silently crying into the single-ply toilet paper of my workplace's second bathroom stall and desperately attempting to find the correct words to support friends and loved ones as they attempted to traverse some of life's most emotionally crippling roadblocks then there have ever been. Like actually ever.

There were some bright shining moments, treasured that much more because they were surrounded by so much actual struggle (as opposed to the needing-new-brown-boots struggle I normally feel).  Even boyfriend's bought-a-house-got-a-job-turned-29 party was spoiled by the most insane derecho I have ever experienced. There were so many short ribs on the floor. It was so sad. But, perspective wise, I do not even think it made the top 5 of things that hurt the most this year. There will always be more short ribs.

2014 will be the first year that I feel like the universe shook me and was like, "it is getting real. This is what it is really like to be an adult: actual challenges, true heartbreak, and experiencing joy that comes from somewhere deeper inside you than you really knew existed."

Maybe it is turning 30? Maybe it was the disappointment and sadness of the whole world hanging an even heavier weight on my shoulders? Maybe it was those few weeks I gave up bread and sugar? I do not even know.

What I do know is that through text message, U.S. Postal Service, and genius sting operations, I have gotten the news of the potential of truly wonderful things on the horizon for 2015 for me, for my family, for my friends-who-are-family. I am on-the-edge-of-my-seat excited for great adventure, big hugs, happy cries, new sights, big challenges, and, as always, snacks.

This Christmas season will involved the very-first-time in our six-and-a-half years Boyfriend and I wake up in the same room/city/time-zone on Christmas morning, and the very last Christmas morning any of us will walk down the stairs of 710 East Main. There will be lunches and breakfasts and shots (ugh, way too many shots, I already know). I am itchy with anticipation to get on an airplane, second star to the right - straight on 'til Maryland.

I stand present in all of the hard, sad moments of 2014, but look towards the bright light of #fabulous2015

Friday, December 12, 2014

Cheryl Miller Chicago Taxi

There are biological reasons for the emotional mess I am right now, but also very simple unbiological ones too. Like its time to go home. And my presents game is a mess. Also could every one just stop wanting things like right-this-very-second?

Anyway. I was feeling just super crabby after a particularly long morning and was in a cab on my way to what was promised to be a very long afternoon.

I was playing on facebook (as you do) when my cab driver's phone rang and she asked if she could take the call. I said of course and casually eavesdropped (as is my right as a passenger).

She apologized at the end of her call and then explained she was about to be interviewed for a news article. She was beyond. She could not even.

Having not be exposed to this level of unbridled level of excitement in quite some time, I listened as she told me about her role in the fight to unionize cab drivers in the city and try to regulate the ride share programs. Her's is a fight that I am becoming more passionate about as I realize that while Uber is real convenient, it all goes to shit when something go wrong (like a car accident, or someone getting attacked by a psychopath, or you know, whatever) and that their business plan benefits no one but those at the top. Its a pyramid scheme with a good logo.

We chatted about Uber and cab drivers but mostly I just loved hearing about her. At one point she gleefully announced, "You're going to be able to google me!"

Guys. Everything is terrible, but I am such a huge fan of Cheryl Miller. She renewed my faith in right now. Congratulations on having your voice heard. It was so fun to google you and share in a part of your journey.

She's pint-sized and amazing.