Friday, December 12, 2014

Cheryl Miller Chicago Taxi

There are biological reasons for the emotional mess I am right now, but also very simple unbiological ones too. Like its time to go home. And my presents game is a mess. Also could every one just stop wanting things like right-this-very-second?

Anyway. I was feeling just super crabby after a particularly long morning and was in a cab on my way to what was promised to be a very long afternoon.

I was playing on facebook (as you do) when my cab driver's phone rang and she asked if she could take the call. I said of course and casually eavesdropped (as is my right as a passenger).

She apologized at the end of her call and then explained she was about to be interviewed for a news article. She was beyond. She could not even.

Having not be exposed to this level of unbridled level of excitement in quite some time, I listened as she told me about her role in the fight to unionize cab drivers in the city and try to regulate the ride share programs. Her's is a fight that I am becoming more passionate about as I realize that while Uber is real convenient, it all goes to shit when something go wrong (like a car accident, or someone getting attacked by a psychopath, or you know, whatever) and that their business plan benefits no one but those at the top. Its a pyramid scheme with a good logo.

We chatted about Uber and cab drivers but mostly I just loved hearing about her. At one point she gleefully announced, "You're going to be able to google me!"

Guys. Everything is terrible, but I am such a huge fan of Cheryl Miller. She renewed my faith in right now. Congratulations on having your voice heard. It was so fun to google you and share in a part of your journey.

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