Friday, July 21, 2006

Stupid insticts

I love cats. I think cats are the queens of the animal kingdom. I think dogs are obnoxious and slobbery and just lame. I am re-thinking all this love...

Today, Belinda and I got home from my first training sesh at the ice rink as I get ready for the Olympics and I got myself a Hershey bar and turned on the TV preping myself for some unwind time when I stepped on something that I assumed was a stuffed animal...

...until I looked at it.

See, what Belinda forgot to tell me when she let me move in is her outdoor kitties are very much intouch with their lion-like instints.

It was a dead...something. Rodent sized. With its innards all on the floor. Are you disgusted yet?! Well, I. STEPPED. In. It.

Thankfully I have a habit of walking on my toes so it just hit my big toe, but the big toe on my right foot will never be the same, people.

So once my brain took the 45 seconds to process what I was actually looking at I screamed for like, an hour and ran upstairs and into Belinda's room still screaming. Thankfully she was really calm about it and was like, "Oh yea, happens all the time." Although she did tell me that Kiwi does normally eat all the innards and just leave the fur as a present for her...

I take it back. Cats are stupid. But at least they're smarter than dogs.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

yo quiro

After a 3 night drinking binge and no chance for hangover recovery. My newest favorite person in the world up-ed her total fucking awesomeness by bringing me taco bell from the mainland.

Ooooh. Delicious taco bell crap. All that dog meat and my hangover is totally cured.

Jamie is my most favorite.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

the puddle part deux

This is it, ladies and gents. This is my puddle. Be in awe of its hugeness. It may have given me a flesh eating bacteria-- not many puddles can say that. Thankfully if there's no rain for more than 5 days it dries up and just becomes part of the road instead of something that belongs on a map.

A Ship's horn just blew. I love living on Nantucket.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Update-a-licious (101 in 1001)

I still have almost two whole years to complete this thing but I figured I'd give an update on the ones I've completed in the last few months.

1. Finish reading Long Walk to Freedom <--It's amazing what 12 hours on a bus can do for reading your 600 page book. It's increadibly, everyone should read it...

9. Graduate from college <---June 1, baby. I'm a college graduate. Uh-oh actual world!

19. Go to Chicago <---Spring Break! Sooooo awesome, I cannot wait to live there

36. Help Cougar throw that yard sale we’ve been talking about for years. <---It was kinda a bust but we made a decent amount of beer money and cleared out a lot of room

45. Visit Nantucket and hang out with people my own age who aren’t related to me <--that's what this summer is all about

54. Live somewhere other than New York or Maryland/D.C. <---what's up Nantucket?!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

No booze 'til we cruise...

A lot of my friends have been being all weird about coming to visit me on Nantucket. Wanting to do it but not sure if its worth the time/money/gas to see me on my new island home. Think no more! I have discovered the why (to come visit)--well, one of the many whys (like: Duh, its me, of course you want to visit) but I think this is the one that'll tip the scales in my favor.

Drinking on the ferry.

I cannot speak for the fast boat (as I've never taken it, it could end up in Narnia for all I know) but on the slow boat you can buy booze and drink it on your two and a half hour journey to paradise. This was a novelty I had never experienced until this year, but now that I'm 21 I've embraced it, like my drunk ass family before me. Here's the thing 1 beer+ fatigue from traveling + boat swaying = decent buzz. Particularly if you don't eat anything. Imagine the possibilities with two beers! Hello boat dance party! The selection is sparce (mostly frat beer and cheap wine) but they have Sam Adams Summer Ale since Ch-ello! We're in Massachusettes! The birthplace of democracy and delicious beer! And its not anymore expensive than an NYC bar but its better! Because you're on the Ocean! Well, technically the Sound but its water and all water eventually leads to the ocean.

So Okay! Seriously!! Come visit! Not only can we drink together, you can arrive drunk! Awesome.

PS- Yes, I wrote this drunk while on the ferry and yes, I took that picture of my half-empty beer and yes, I'm sure the people around me started to judge the second the flash went off. The sooner everyone recognizes I'm a mild alcoholic the better for humanity

PPS- A big shout out to the Boston Culinary Group for hanging out, particularly the foreign gentleman working behind the counter of The Nantucket, who was maybe trying to give me my beer and bagel for free but I was too stupid/tired to pick up on it.

She's pint-sized and amazing.