Friday, July 21, 2006

Stupid insticts

I love cats. I think cats are the queens of the animal kingdom. I think dogs are obnoxious and slobbery and just lame. I am re-thinking all this love...

Today, Belinda and I got home from my first training sesh at the ice rink as I get ready for the Olympics and I got myself a Hershey bar and turned on the TV preping myself for some unwind time when I stepped on something that I assumed was a stuffed animal...

...until I looked at it.

See, what Belinda forgot to tell me when she let me move in is her outdoor kitties are very much intouch with their lion-like instints.

It was a dead...something. Rodent sized. With its innards all on the floor. Are you disgusted yet?! Well, I. STEPPED. In. It.

Thankfully I have a habit of walking on my toes so it just hit my big toe, but the big toe on my right foot will never be the same, people.

So once my brain took the 45 seconds to process what I was actually looking at I screamed for like, an hour and ran upstairs and into Belinda's room still screaming. Thankfully she was really calm about it and was like, "Oh yea, happens all the time." Although she did tell me that Kiwi does normally eat all the innards and just leave the fur as a present for her...

I take it back. Cats are stupid. But at least they're smarter than dogs.

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that mckim girl said...

Cats don't kill things if you don't let them outside.

Instead, they shed all over the place and sit on your face in an attempt to suffocate you while you're sleeping.

She's pint-sized and amazing.