Monday, March 31, 2008

Princess Madness

I dropped to 4th in my pool where I was reigning as Princess Picks-Amazing for a week and a half. This is, of course, being blamed on Tennessee and Davidson equally, except Tennessee a little more equally because I had them going to the finals.

Here's the thing, I don't mind being in 4th place because the three people in front of me did research and analyzed statistics and watched more than 3 games this season. I? Guessed. And picked my favorites. Something that I'm sure was irking the shit out of the boys while I was on top. And when it comes down to it, I've picked more winners than anyone else, I just haven't earned more points. So, in some distant world, I kind of am winning-- except not really.

I love this being-one-of-the-guys madness. When this big heap of boy friends kind of fell in our lap we were excited, then people started making out and things got messy and now things have leveled out again and we're left with boys to watch sports with and boys who care about things like photography and good movies...which is pretty fantastic...

particularly when you're beating 13 of them in a basketball pool.

Go UCLA. Do not fall victim to Memphis's crazy crazy skills.

Friday, March 28, 2008

File this under: Things I Hate.

I hate making choices.

Seriously, it starts small, with not being able to decide what I want for lunch and spirals into not being able to make big choices. The life changing ones.

I just feel like when I look back over my life, so many of my choices feel like the wrong one, at what point does someone be like, "yeah, no. You don't get to make choices anymore. We're going to bring in a life coach and they're going to do it all for you now."

Once that happens I feel everything will be back on track or at least, I'll have someone else to blame when it all goes wrong.

Here's the deal people:

Do I:

a- Get a full time job working for a company that I'm passionate about that will give me lots of office experience, that will be 40 hours with benefits and company picnics that will require me to give up the auditions and the Big News and the fun trips to random places with Barb and possibly Nantucket?

b- Temp/get a part time job I don't care about. Take the paycut (like a man). Enjoy the fact that I'm 23 w. a savings account and spend the summer at the beach, with my friends, writing novels, performing, hanging out at the democratic national convention? Live the life of a pauper who likes to party.

Seriously people, I cannot decide. I seriously want the universe to make the choice for me and I don't know how to make that happen. I've decided I'm no longer applying to companies I don't care about for full time jobs. Its arts admin or non-profit all the way.

Anyway. That's it. I'm going to sit in this fancy car wash and watch my boss's Range Rover get all sparkley clean and try to figure out what to do... or I'm going to read the Fiction story in the New Yorker.

I can't decide.

Monday, March 24, 2008

poetry makes me less crazy

This was originally posted in the Frederick News Post online edition and I'm really ridiculously proud of it, so I'm posting it here.

And now, some haikus from my current job search.

gently used admin
in search of loving workplace
with free diet coke

cover letters smell
like desperation, needy
online dating blurbs

no waking at 5
if starbucks is not open
then neither am I

who gives spelling tests
before the job interview
not my future boss

resume talks of
quest for entry level not
days off for beach trips

facebook you tube and
go fug yourself dot com are
more fun than job ads

If sweatpants are banned
on days that end in "y" then
our ideals conflict

blackberries make you
look so cool and important
and rude at parties

would like salaried
and dental for funniness
is this fantasy

without some free food
receptionist gets restless
will take bad message

grown up problems like
jobs, big choices, life changes,
can be solved with cake

writing poetry
better than looking at weather
or plotting revenge

I want to live the
life of a bohemian
or maybe pirate

Friday, March 14, 2008

Theaterical Genius.

So, about a year ago I went to London to visit my lovely Rachel twin and, obviously, fell in LOVE with England because its so very British. One of my favorite things that we did was go see two plays (which, considering I was there for 5 days and we spent 1 in Oxford, is fairly impressive). The two plays we saw were 39 Steps and Boeing Boeing. Both were picked entirely at random, one by Rachel and I over the internet before I got there and one by me as I tried to find day of tickets. I picked them simply because they were billed as funny and had interesting looking females in them (seriously, there is nothing more boring than really gorgeous women on stage being funny and it makes me angry-- you can't have everything).

Since I'm out of New York and so totally out of the loop it took me a few months to realize that BOTH of these plays have jumped the pond in '08. I am probably not going to see 39 Steps because it is reallllly British and I do not have faith that the American actors can make it work (unless they're using the original cast, in which case I might have to give it a chance), I am going to try my hardest to see Boeing Boeing because a- Bradley Whitford is in it and I think he'll be FANTASTIC in the part of aging play boy going insane to make sure all his girlfriends don't meet. And b- the woman who played the American flight attendant's impression of an American woman was out-of-control hilarious and I am curious to see how the actually-American actress does it.

I also have to say that there were about 40 plays* up in London while I was there. I would say that there were 15 that were American crossovers (Spamalot, Wicked, Hairspray), that leaves 25 that were from there and out of that - 2 were picked to come here and I also picked them. My opinions in theater are really top notch. Someone should probably pay me for them.

*I have no idea how many plays there actually were but the ratios are accurate.

The photo was one of the ones outside the theater at Boeing Boeing. Notice how they're all pretty in an interesting way?? That's because they're hilarious, especially the German one on the left. She's my extra favorite.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Denial tastes like robitussin and ginger ale

I have the flu. Apparently - according to Dr. Mom who via phone got a rundown of the symptoms and a graphic description of my relations with the toilet bowl - what I am feeling right now is a mild, but still very much there case of the flu. Awe.some. I haven't been really, really sick since my senior year of college (I just said that and while typing it realized I had a nasty bout of flu-hangover-itis last Good Friday - I am a liar).

I left work early today, something I haven't done for health reasons since I started at my current job. My mom is requesting I stay home tomorrow so I'm in top form for our trip to NYC this weekend. While I really, really want to stay home and get better, there is a part of me that feels so guilty for abandoning my coworkers like that. I'm sure that they can handle it. They've all show that they're vastly smarter and more productive than I am, but there still is this nagging sense of being a bad person for not being there. Something that I think is probably a huge indicator of other, bigger problems.

Anyway, this post is really for my boss, who will probably read it (as he has once again found my blog) - Its 8:44. I'm going to bed. My mom said to call her if you think I'm faking it. She can tell over the phone that I'm on death's door.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

favorite day

Here is my to-do list for today:

1-Laundry. Because once again, my procrastinatory/insanely busy nature has made this situation out of hand.

2-Download music.


THAT'S IT. This is the most low-key Saturday I've had in months and I love it. Seriously. I want to roll around in its laziness. And it gets better...there's nothing to do tomorrow (until 6 PM) either.

She's pint-sized and amazing.