Thursday, February 27, 2014

Boyfriend turns 29.

Twenty-nine things I like about Boyfriend (in honor of his 29th birthday):

1: He is always up for a giant delicious breakfast full of waffles and goodness.

2: He lets me put my cold feet on him in bed.

3: He lets me watch Downton Abbey on the big TV and hardly ever makes fun of it.

4: He is really into his bread maker.

5: The one time he got triple mega bonus points on the Indiana Jones pinball machine at Excalibur in Las Vegas he said I was his good luck charm.

6: He lets me sit on the couch when I am hot power fusion yoga-sweaty.

7: He researched the best way to store bananas. It's that important to him.

8: He cleans the litter box when I forget to (which is most times).

9: He thinks I'm sweet.

10: He hardly ever makes fun of me for that time I did a triple pirouette in the dining room and fell down so bad I sprained my wrist. 

11: He knows what he wants from life (we are working on knowing what he wants for dinner).

12: His best friend is one of my best friends. But they do all the stupid boy stuff together so I don't have to do it.

13: His patience and steadiness in the face of my manic fear and doubt. 

14: He taught me all the Notre Dame cheers and doesn't get mad when I yell, "suck it, Wolf Pack!" even when they aren't playing Nevada.

15: The first time he held my hand in The Dark Knight and I felt a fire bolt travel up my fingers and arm and through my whole body.

16: He likes a good adventure and things wrapped in bacon.

17: He knows how Excel works. Like really knows. It's impressive.

18: He lets me drink from his glass because I am too lazy to get my own.

19: He lets me be the funny one. 

20: That one time he rode the Everest roller coaster at Animal Kingdom twice in a row even though he almost threw up.

21: He lets me sleep in the car.

22: He refuses to let my inner demons win.

23: He always gives me at least half of his pickle.

24: He loves Hazel more than I love Hazel. They are the best of companions.

25: He is actually the funny one. The funniest one.

26: He always makes coffee.

27: He makes my heart feel like it might burst right out of my chest. 

28: The oven mitts that look like space gloves he got me as a prize from the Orlando airport.

29: He is my favorite person to go to sleep next to, to wake up next to, to eat new food with, to watch old TV until midnight with, to fight with, to miss, to go home to, to celebrate one more year of this with--

Happy Birthday, Boyfriend. I love living the good life with you.

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