Monday, October 16, 2006

rainy day sunshine

Chicago is cold. It is cold cold cold. Now that I have accepted this I can move onto other things. The starting is slow here. Today was my first actual day that didn't feel like a vacation. It was as productive as one can expect with my affinity towards procrastination.

I am maybe-sorta-probably enrolled in the coolest sounding acting class ever.

I have two potential improv classes that I'm waiting to hear back from before I sign up.

I have a job application from the 'Bucks... my reasoning for such a low-esteemed job being as follows: health insurance, flexable schedule, health insurance, close to my house, health insurance, free coffee, health insurance, v. little thinking involved, and health insurance.

Tragically none of my acting classes will start before the end of the month (unless I end up in one of the improv classes that starts this week, in which case I will have really jumpstarted things).

I still need to find a headshot photographer, but Annie and Kevin say they have a guy who will do it well and for cheap which is nice because neither food nor acting classes grow on trees aparently.

I already miss living with people my own age, although I'm sure this will change once I get out there and make friends. There's a concert tonight, one of my new favs is singing and yet, I'm probably not gonna go, simply because the codependent in me can not imagine what one does when they go to a show by themeselves.

I'm getting impatient, simply because thats one of my habits, but I've done okay for one day...Also, the mere idea of taking a circus class is gonna keep me feeling warm and snuggly until I actually get to take it.

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that mckim girl said...

1- Awesome Circus Class.
2- Go to the show. I went to see a play by myself not long after arriving in NYC, and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, being alone. It actually made me feel quite grown up. I understand that concerts and theater are not quite the same level of social interaction, but should go...

She's pint-sized and amazing.