Monday, February 18, 2008


So. I have become a bad blogger, when I started this, my millionth (approx.) blog I wanted it to be awesome. A Tomato Nation, or a Instead its... um, nothing anymore. What I didn't want it to be was a boring rehash of the daily events. And so instead its nothing. Lame.

Its not that nothing happens, oh no. In the past several months (pretty much since my 23rd birthday) my life has become quite the interesting little tale, full of happiness and crying and making out and cats peeing on my new pier 1 chair but I never remember that I should be writing it down. And I should be- because the more I write, the better I get... so I'm going to start with the writing... I hope. I mean there are other things I need to write too - like cover letters, and novels, and my very first comedy sketch...

Maybe I'll stay off the facebook for a day or two (doubtful) try to remember what I did on the internet before the face' sucked me into its vortex of pictures and bumper stickers.

The photo: Me and some of the best people I've ever met - on stage at the iO theatre in Chicago. Basically this picture is my dream come true.

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that mckim girl said...

I have been trying to figure out the cause forever, and you're right: it's facebook. Or, the devilbook, as it will now be called.

Blog away! I miss your blogs.

She's pint-sized and amazing.