Thursday, January 07, 2010

Oh, Brother

My brother recently tweeted that he is going to donate plasma because, "[its] The only way [he] can think to make money."

Apparently the plasma industry is a booming one. You can make $25 a donation, and you can donate twice a week. That's fifty bucks...which is, good? I guess for bodily fluids.

This is the difference between my brother and I, while we share the same sense of humor and nose and you know, genetic make-up, if I was in a position where I needed to make money (which is what some people would call, "getting a Job.") one of the last things I would probably come up with is, take fluids out of my body for cash. It seems impractical for one (I don't really do needles)...and kind of like a not answer...

I mean, I guess if you only need to be making fifty dollars a week (and, not to belittle the point but, he owes me $75, which means I can either get cash or plasma donations apparently. I'm taking the green backs because everytime I hear the word "plasma" I think "placenta" and am immediatly grossed out beyond belief) than plasma donation is better than, uh, working at McDonalds for 10 hours, or working behind a desk for 5 hours or mowing 3 lawns...

except its not, because its not a job, and eventually, Baby Brother, you're going to need to get an actual one of those. You know, you fill out an application and make a resume and take a shower and shake some hands, lie a little about your qualifications and then show up, consistently at the same scheduled time on the same scheduled days...

Now, don't think this has to be boring - you can do ALL kinds of dumb shit and people will pay you for it.

Example - you can tutor kids. You might think you would actually need to know how to count and read - but no, if you do it through a tutoring place they give you all that just read out of the book and change a life. BAM!

There are a vast array of retail options where you can spend most of your day trying to look busy so your boss won't give you stuff to do, and the rest of the day playing with money. Sometimes you can eat stuff for free.

And then really, let me tell you, in my experience, sitting at a desk with varied amounts of responsibilities does have its benefits. You get to interact with people, sometimes, and do "fun projects" sometimes, but also, you get to write blogs and ponder the great mysteries of the world, like really, why anyone thought Snow Dogs was a good idea.

Naturally - this is a little bit more mentally challenging than donating parts of you body, but I think you will find it equally as rewarding.

And if not, you should look into what else you can donate, as I have heard kidneys go for a few dollars AND you already have two of them. Bonus.

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