Monday, June 13, 2011

lo siento

I should be writing blogs more.  I should be talking your eyes off (??!) about all the crazy biz-nas happening.  I have been having crazy adventures - and you will hear about them.  But dang, y'all.  I am sleepy.  All I want to do is finish my book, eat a cupcake and take a gd nap. Sorry that when there is a choice - I pick nap over blog every time which is why I will never actually make money doing this.

Anyway - the blogs are in process and I will try to get you just enough to keep you satisfied before I whisk myself away to Iceland for 2 weeks of potentially internet-free quality time.

I will say - before I go...

Give up your seat on the bus, jerks.  Seriously.  Are you an able-bodied under 40-year old?  Is there someone who looks like they could be your grandma/grandpa in front of you?  Get up.  I don't care about your liberal, socialist, "we're all equal and they don't pay, anyway" crap.  They are old.  They have been here, literally, since before you were born.  They have dealt with your terrible music and stores only selling "trendy" (read: ugly) clothes because you and your poor-taste friends will buy them, for a really, really long time.  You ruin everything.  Get up and give them a seat as an apology... because I am pretty sure that when You are old, you'll probably want to have a frackin' seat on the bus.  You are terrible people.

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