Thursday, February 23, 2012

Everyone Love.

Same-sex marriage bill approved by Maryland Senate

I could not be more proud of my home state right now.  While I am frustrated that not all states allow people who love each other and want to be together forever announce it proudly with some flowers, rings and good food - knowing that the good people of Maryland (or at least their elected officials) think that it is A-OK has me jubilant.

My thoughts on marriage as an institution are for another day, but today I feel like a proud Mama watching my little state make all the right choices (we will ignore the fail bombs my particular county is dropping for the time being).

Thank you Maryland for being a great place to grow up. Right now, I am incredibly proud to call you "where I am from."  The sprinkles on this sweet, sweet news is the editorial the Frederick News Post came out with in support of this bill.  Frederick is a backwater of conservative assbaggery (as proven by the link above) and coming out in support of this bill lost the FNP some of their subscribers. But they did it anyway. And I love it.

I am also incredibly happy that I surround myself with loved ones who agree with me on this particular topic (as I am seeing by the responses to my facebook post on this matter). I am willing to debate many things, but on the topic of Love, there is my way, or the way of people who are wrong and who want others to be just as miserable as they are.

Go Maryland. Two points for love. And two points for the crabcakes I had last weekend. You win again. You always do.

edited to add - Apparently I have already written about marriage. Right here!  I still feel exactly the same about it (and babies) as when I wrote this post, if you are interested. But I still think everyone should be able to do it if they want to.


Tierra said...

But no one can get married until all the conservative (black minister!!!!!) douchebags get every chance available to dismantle it in court. Which doesn't sound like marriage equality to me. It makes me ashamed to be half-Marylander.

Rachel said...

Considering there are states which are currently in the process of passing laws that say that men can legally force women to stay pregnant (even if the women don't want to be), and the fact that Frederick just made English the official language of the county (sweet mother...)

I feel as though Maryland as a state is doing pretty well. With any law like this there will be constant voices trying to overturn it, but that will always be the case. Sure this isn't the final step in this battle, but it is a huge step in the right direction.

I want more, obviously, but I am proud of what we've got.

Tierra said...

Wow. Frederick County blows.

She's pint-sized and amazing.