Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back. and forth.

I went one whole month, officially, without blogging. It wasn't a conscious decision but it did feel like something that was in order. I was struggling with the idea of quality over quantity and then was delivered a crushing blow in the disguise of an off-handed remark. THEN the world got really, bone crushingly sad, and it would not be the Grandipants way to come back and drop all the sadness on the three of you who are left.

So I'm back-ish. I'm heading into hell-month at work and I would not be surprised if you found me in a little pile of spreadsheet bits and conference call requests. I'm terrified by what the next month has in store, so it would only make sense to plan on doing some writing in here. I find I write most when I have a million other things to do and think about, which is probably I'll never be able to make a living doing it.

We'll see how it goes. For now here are some things that didn't make me cry or scream recently:

Call Your Girlfriend podcast. My in-town bestie recommended it, and it makes me miss one of my favorite long distance besties (who can no longer be tagged to anything because that bitch got herself an elected position). Its nice for mornings when I just can't get the energy to open a book.

Revolution Brewery. The brew pub I can take or leave, because while the food is on point, the hipster-to-human ratio is unsettling, even for hipster allies like myself. This spot is massive, they have all the beers you want (instead of just like the two you always get), its sups cheap and you can bring in pizza (OR, better idea, you can steal pizza from the party next to yours when they go in for their tour).

Why Your Team Sucks. My love of Drew Magary even makes me uncomfortable at this point, but this series always gets me so pumped for football season. I can't wait to watch all these over-paid, under-educated men just run into each other for 16 weeks. This year I even put some money on it, so I am especially excited for all the right guys to try to make it to Christmas with both pupils equal and reactive.

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I'm still reading, so keep on writing!

She's pint-sized and amazing.