Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Grocery Struggle

If I had to make a list of what was Real right now. The Struggle would be at the top.

I refuse to give up nights of one-too-many, and thanks-for-the-freebie, and talk-too-loud-laugh-too-hard. I refuse to give up a Tuesday margarita or a Wednesday beer and burger - even if it means that the grocery store is maybe the biggest challenge of my entire adult life.

Being drunk and productive at the grocery store is basically like riding a unicorn. Impossible.

Sometimes though, when you're dang near 30 you gotta buckle down and buy groceries. You can't serve your guests boca burgers at brunch and with a week full of celebrating, Tuesday nights call for bigger and mightier functionality.

This does occasionally mean extra bacon, inexplicable almond joy frosting (3 containers), and an existential conversation about flavored orange juice.

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