Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Totally Clueless (part 3)

Okay, so based on my blogging tendencies recently, you might think that all I do is make podcasts. This sounds amazeballs, but is entirely untrue.

I do other things and I promise, I'll get around to talking about them soon.  But until then.

Clueless Podcast Party. Listen Here.

This is by far the most serious of the podcasts where we talk about oldy-timey people doin' it which is weird, because the source material is one of my favorite light hearted romps.

Also, bonus celebrity sighting! Julie Brown (aka Ms. Stoeger) was generous enough to record a bit about her time filming the movie.  It was super nice of her to do, and you should click around on her website. She is funny as hell.

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sleepapneaed said...

Any chance the crew will review Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?

She's pint-sized and amazing.