Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer Bucket List

Bare legs with a buttoned-up cardigan mean it is almost summer which means it is bucket list time.

Here's the to-do list: 
  • Stay in* on (the work deck, the apartment patio, the public beach) instead of go out, convince others that this is a good plan  X
  • A sunset on a west-facing roof deck  X
  • Be brave X
  • A good-bye dance party X 
  • Love on some sweet, new babies X
  • Carry a watermelon X
  • More Drake X
  • Write one story and say it out loud to my cats 
  • Wear Caroline's necklace at least once before returning it X 
  • A brief fling with New York City 
  • Do that thing where you run and it clears your head 
  • Spend a night in a place where I can see stars in the sky 
  • Say yes because it makes other people happy 
  • Drink less, listen more 
  • Make good use of the picnic blanket  X
  • Take a "sick day" and load up on Vitamin D 

Your move, Summer 2015. Follow along on instagram (@grandipants) and the hashtag #carpeaestatem and here as I try to hash out why this summer is the best one yet.

*edited for necessary clarity.


Jenna H said...

Good-bye dance party - who is the good-bye for? Better not be you & DBudz moving. Also, "Stay in instead of go out, convince others that this is a good plan" - no. Just no. That is a winter-exclusive activity. Stay on a (patio, stoop, porch, deck, balcony, rooftop) instead of "go out", convince others that this is a good plan - that is acceptable. Summer is like brain function, Grandi: if you don't use it, you lose it. It's science.

Rachel said...

Edited as needed. Thanks for the catch, JBH!

She's pint-sized and amazing.