Tuesday, April 25, 2006

they just wanna...

So, its been said many times (a few by me) that, "only good girls keep diaries-- bad girls are too busy having fun." While, I do agree with this statement, I think an appropriate corollary would be, "girls who have a lot of crap to do before they graduate in 30 days would rather drink beers than keep a diary." However, I feel like my adoring public has probably been religiously checking this space since my last update and has had a little part of their soul die every time they haven't seen a new update, particularly because my last post was so effin' disgusting. However, I have a brand new blog to document all my fun medical hypochondriatical disgustingness. So, you win.

Anyway, it seems as though my life isn't going to settle down until after I get to Nantucket which happens in mid-June so I figured I'd give a brief recap of all the shennanigans that went down over my spring break.

I desperatly wanted to make this a photo blog but some people have been a little slow about posting their photos on the internets. Its okay, they're all still good people, particularly when I forget they have actual grown up jobs and can't be talking about debauchery on their grown-up jobs servers. I suck. Anyway.

Eventually there will be a spring break photo montage. Right now, After a 2-time zone, 7-city, 12-day, 13-bar break, I leave you with this:


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Lizzie said...

Wait! Who took this picture?


Proving what?

That I occasionally do post my pictures on the internet.

She's pint-sized and amazing.