Saturday, April 01, 2006

So lame.

So. It's Friday night and because of some poor planning I am not out enjoying New York City but rather sitting in my pajamas watching Titanic.

You could not judge me any more than I judge myself.

Right now I'm thinking of it as a temporary set-back. It's not even 11, the night is young. I haven't brushed my teeth and Six Feet Under comes on in 7 minutes, the night could turn around at any minute.

Anyway, if I wasn't lame enough at this point, the story gets better. So I am in the middle of a Harriet the Spy level of mystery. Today I arrived home to find a UPS slip saying that they had apparently tried to deliver something to me today.

At first I thought it was for my roommate, for our names are quite similar and those UPS fellas aren't really known for the expert penmanship. But nope, they got all the letters right and in the right order. And so now I'm trying to figure out who the fuck is sending me packages care of UPS.

My birthday? Is in October. There are no major gift giving holidays in the recent past or coming up (Easter, if you ask Cougar, is not a gift giving holiday). I haven't been shopping in real life or on ebay since before Ash Wednesday...I think (--as I go check my recent ebay history and make sure I haven't been sleep-shopping-- which can happen when you go through withdrawl).

Most people in my family who have the heart to send me a care package would do so a)to my post office box and b)via USPS, because UPS sucks.

According to handy UPS internets tracking the package originated in MI, which after a long fight between my roommate and I, we established is Michigan (though, if we're wrong I'd appreciate being told). I don't know anyone in Michigan--I don't think...which means its probably some sort of catalogue.

Seriously?! This is gonna be killing me until Monday when (hopefully) it'll be delivered before I have to leave for class at 9:15. And the fact that I'm so excited pretty much makes me want to kill myself.

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