Friday, March 31, 2006

My heart is in my shoes.

It's time for the Friday Fabulous Five! things that have made this week totally kickin.

1- My new job There is nothing like seeing your name in print. Even when that print is on a screen. And as Cougar said last night, "bloggers are the writers of the future." Which is funny because bloggers are actually the writers of the present and my Mom is just a little slow when it comes to technology. Also, my mother now has access to this blog (as does my dad and various other members of my extended family) so - Hey Guys! That thing I wrote?! before?! A joke. So...just forget it.

2- FLIP FLOP SEASON!!! When I was in high school I wore flip flops pretty much year around, because I drove everywhere. Now that I walk everywhere I can only wear the 'flops (as Teeny so elegantly puts it) once it hits 60 degrees. Then once it hits 70 I can start wearing skirts. These rules are increadibly arbitrary, especially because just because the high is 60 doesn't mean that at 10 pm when I'm walking home it won't be closer to 40 as it was a few weeks ago when we had the Statan Island adventure. But the past few days have been perfect flip flop weather which means Summer is coming...and with summer comes all sorts of other fun things like graduation, Nantucket, and the need to lose 8 lbs before I even look at a bathing suit (...oh wait...), which brings us to:

3- The abundance of free food at the offices I've temped in this week. Since I do day-to-day temping I've worked in a lot of different places and they've started to rank themselves in my head. The major critera for ranking offices is how much free food I can eat there/walk away with. Both offices this week have been amazing with the free soda (fountain diet coke! in an office! brilliant...), and baked goods and chocolate and sandwiches and fruit. Oh man. The one way to make a happy temp is to feed her.

4- My graduation pictures which aren't so much fabulous as hilariously tragic. I haven't sat for a photographer since the summer before my senior year of high school. I forgot how, to the hating-his-life photographer, you aren't so much a person as one of those wooden dolls that painters use to understand the human shape. All that "turn left" "chin up" "tilt your head" "no tilt it the other way" "too much" "now put your chin down" "do a crazy dance" "make love not war" "NOW SMILE" at which point it isn't so much a smile as a grimace with tears streaming down your face because you had to go ahead and dislocate your shoulder to get the pose this guy was invisioning. I'm gonna garantee that the best pictures are gonna be the ones where I'm in the gown (which, ew...that village bicycle gown must be so gross) where I'm holding the diploma and the morter board and my elbows are at a 90 degree angle from my body and I look like some one just gave me a swift kick in the rear.

5- The 105% I got on my Cultural Anthroplogy midterm, solidifying the fact that the way to have a kickin' senior year is to take a whole bunch of 101 classes. It's actually an interesting class and I'm pleasently suprised, especially because I mainly took the class because I was hoping I would have a professor like Jerimiah Laskey on Saved By the Bell: The College Years. And even though I don't, it's stil a cool class.

Happy Weekend.

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