Thursday, March 02, 2006

Where no girl has gone before.

So. I got myself a little sauced on Mardi Gras. I chalk it up to the fact that this is the year of 21, so all alcohol-based holidays must be celebrated, "just for the story" (this, by the way, is the reasoning behind a good 98% of my decisions). Anyway, while I was imbibing my roommates and I discussed the upcoming Lenten period and what we were gonna give up. I told them my watery-caffeine idea and they dubbed it "laaaame."

"Fine!" I exclaimed (seriously...I exclaimed it, I was working my way through my second hurricane at this point). "I'm gonna give up shopping." A hush fell over the crowd and I realized what I had just said.

The table laughed. The kid who had known me for, like, seven minutes laughed. Obviously this was a pipe dream on my part. After that outburst of crazy the subject was dropped. I stumbled home at like 2:30 and sifting through the piles of clothes on my floor in a desperate search for some "effin' jammies" I realized that I do have a lot of clothing and if I ever did laundry I would probably figure that out. So yesterday morning I decided I had to, at least, try to give up shopping, especially because the money, it does not quite grow on those trees that grow in Brooklyn.

And of course, lets get specific. We're talking clothes and general junk shopping. I still have to buy food and sometimes the occasional gift (birthdays wait for no resurrection of Christ) and I'm gonna do it like a true Episcopalian (aka fake Catholic) and give myself the opportunity to cheat on Sundays because I do know that I need shoes and possibly a sweater to go with my Easter dress which is a whole other can of bananas because its black, which is making my Granny even more batshit crazy than she is normally, even though its 40's-tastic and beautiful, because apparently you can not celebrate the rebirth (by eating your birth weight in candy and baby sheep) while wearing black. It is, apparently, not what Jesus would friggin' do.

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