Friday, March 03, 2006

Why I'm never gonna win my Oscar pool.

Well, first of all, because instead of picking I am obviously writing a blog. Duh. But besides that...I am super stressed about this, my very first (I know...craziness) Oscar pool. I completely blame the stress on genetics because I am wicked competitive and not winning this will be, for about 5 minutes, the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of the universe. So there's that, and the fact that I was a bad movie-goer in 2005. I saw nothing...If I had more free time and fifty bucks to kill I would totally spend Saturday seeing all these movies (correction: I have seen Crash, Brokeback, Syriana, and Memoirs of a Geisha but that is, embarrasingly, it).

Other reasons:
I'm just too fair! I want everyone to win something. Seriously, I'm like "well, I give this one to The Squid and the Whale because its only nominated for one, and then I'll give Good Night, and Good Luck one of those boring technical ones to even it out" No! This is not how the Academy thinks! Life is not fair. Life is about winning and winning big. I *know* that most years, a single movie sweeps like, seven awards...But can I really risk everything on the gay cowboys? I'm just not comfortable doing that.

And then there's the dumb luck part, see also: Techincal mumbo jumbo. For things like "sound mixing" I find myself blindly choosing, which gives me about a 20% chance and I have horrid luck so, that 20% is probably not gonna cut it.

I spent like twenty minutes researching the best way to pick winners and they give all sorts of fun statistical things that make the numbers geek inside me have a little mathgasm. But those are the easy ones. I want a statistical answer for who I should pick for "short film--live action" becase I haven't heard of ANY of these.

I now have 40 minutes to make my choices and now that I have lost all of your respect, I'm gonna go research the film The Moon and the Son: An Imagnined Conversation. Because its gonna make me lucky!

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