Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Andie v. the three 6 mafia

So. I, like every other sad sack with an Oscar pool to lose (thanks, Crash), tuned in on Sunday night to watch Hollywood's best and brightest be really effin' boring and, for the most part, poorly dressed. After about 20 minutes I had to look away from that fugly-ass set because I was afraid it was going to burn my corneas with its uglyness and so I abandoned the TV. I checked in every few minutes to make sure that I was in fact, crashing (heh) and burning (heh x2) in the pool (final concensus: 13 out of 24. wow) and to see who was giving their acceptance speech while very obviously high as a kite. I managed to catch the tail end of the Crash-nominated song. I was so completely enthralled (read: staring as one does at a particularly heinous car accident) by the totally ridiculous high-school-dance-team-captain choreographed interpretive dance that I completely missed the singer (who I wasn't that impressed with anyway).

Cut to ten minutes ago when reading The Manolo's blog I discovered that the singer was a Bird York who, when feeling less avian, goes by the name Kathleen York. aka. Andie Wyatt aka Toby's ex-wife and baby mamma on The West Wing.

I knew she had had a four-line part in the movie as the cop who isn't a)a racist, b)a rapist, or c)black or hispanic, making her the best written, least obnoxious person in the whole movie. I also was probably the only one in the theatre who got really excited when she came on screen, because I'm that big a dork.

Good luck on that singing career, Kath-leen (sorry, cupcake, Bird is a really ridiculous name) although I think the world would be a better place if you dropped it and made an appearance in the last eight episodes of TWW.

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