Wednesday, March 15, 2006

heads or tails?

So. I'm having an increadibly ridiculous, spoiled girl problem. And I'm pretty embarrased to be sharing it but really I can not make up my damned mind...this is something I'm gonna have to work on in the future... but for now, you guys can help me make up my mind, because that's what I pay you for.

So. I'm trying to figure out what to do with my first post-college summer. I already know that whenever I'm done with what I choose to do, I'm moving to Chicago where I'll...I don't know, be bad at making choices in colder weather. So here's my dilema. With my summer I can either:

a)move to Nantucket, and live with my aunt and adorable cousins while working various jobs waiting on rude, rich people and possibly meet a prep-tastic, totally loaded man who will make me his trophy wife. I'll be no less than 10 minutes from the Ocean at any point during the day. My bills will be minimial, I'll probably have to pay a little rent and throw in some beans for groceries but any time I'm feeling really poor I can take the 15 minute bike ride to Granny's house and just eat all her food. Plus, my aunt has really great cable, I never get to see my cousins and I'll get to spend all sorts of time outside, getting tan, meeting new people and having a new, fun experience in a place that I only know in terms of Family Vacation (ie never been to a bar or out with people my own age).


b)I can house sit for my grandmother while she's in Nantucket. I'll have a five-bedroom house all to myself and won't have to pay for anything except groceries. I'll probably get a job with some sort of office, answering phones and spending too much time on Myspace. I'll have a car sometimes, the rest I'll have to rely on public transportation which, in Montgomery County, is shady at best. My grandmother will require me to do ridiculous tasks while she's gone and will probably yell at me when she gets back because I've moved something or thrown something away that she wanted to keep forever (this will probably be a bottle of flat club soda--Granny is crazy). There is the potential for some next-door-neighbor ass. I'll be an hour drive from Parkville/Baltimore, a 20 minute subway ride from DC, and 30 minutes from Middletown, meaning, that except for my NYC friends (and possibly Tierra) I'll be closer and easier to hang out with than I've been since Summer 2004.

This choice may seem so easy...but its not. It really boils down to, do I take my chances with meeting new, cool people on Nantucket, while getting to live somewhere for three months that most people only dream about, while spending time with some of my favorite members of my family, without having to stress about transportation or bills and give my friends the opportunity to come up and visit me to troll the beachs looking for fione life guards and drink beers in the Chicken Box?

Or do I go to a place I have only a passing knowledge of, completely learn a brand new bus system (knowing how much I hate taking buses), mow my granny's lawn, sleep in a big, scary house all by myself, and work in a job that will make me want to claw my brains out but get to spend my last few months before I move half way across the country with my parents, cousins (new baby 2nd cousin), and some of my most favorite people in the whole world?

Okay. Someone else make this choice. It is toooo hard.

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