Tuesday, May 30, 2006

grumpy face.


I hate packing.

I don't hate moving. Moving is exciting. Moving means new adventures. If there was a way to move with out packing than I would move a whole bunch more. My first few years in NYC I was bouncing around so much that I lived with just the bare essentials (which are not as bare as you might think...because I am insanely materialistic. No judging. Its hereditary). Then I moved to Brooklyn. And I got a huuuuuge closet. And I got comfortable. So here I sit, 18 months later, surrounded by garbage bags and boxes and piles of random shit I haven't seen in months but can not bring myself to get rid of. I'm close to done, but the closer I get to done the more I realize that there is no earthly way this is all going to fit in the back of a Mazzda Pick Up and a Chevy Impala. And there is the lingering fear that I won't sell my futon. Which means that I will also have to get a 600 pound futon mattress home as well. I'm freaking out. Freak.ing.out. It's 12:25 AM on Tuesday. I have to be out of the apartment by 10:00 AM on Friday. This seems like so much time but I'm working full time, going to tea, spending the night in a mansion, graduating, attempting to survive a meal with both my parents (ps. I wouldn't be in Tavern on Dean on Thursday afternoon if you don't want to deal with that hot fetus of mess) and uh...oh, going to my post office box. And buying my first piece of Hunter clothing (now that I don't go there, I'll wear their colors).

It also does.not.help that there is approximatly 100% humidity in Brooklyn with a whacked out pollen count. And where's my allergy medicine? Maryland. Because who gets allergies in the concrete jungle? Yea. I hate everything right now.

In happier news, I had a wonderful last weekend, full of all the right amounts of drinking and sailors and kisses and tears and smiles and self actualization and reality checks and true friends (occasionally via telephone) who I am far too lucky to have. I'm sorry I took absolutly no pictures. Boo, I suck sometimes. Luckily I have enough memories (and old pictures) to last forever.

And can we please discuss how Fraiser is the worst.show.ever!?


that mckim girl said...

Aw, you and Lizzie posted on the same topic!

Just think: once all the horrendous packing is over, you get to have the best graduation party EVER and hang out with me!

If that's not a reward, I don't know what is.

Gotta get back to yelling at my sister while she answers the office phones. Her life is so much worse than yours right now...

nomaddict said...

rachel....i miss zou!! sorrz, the kezboard in berlin is weird. z's and y's are switched....and i get this weird szmbol

Ö Ä Ü € weird germans....weird.

come visit me and katherine in europe! there are tons of skeeyz men :)

She's pint-sized and amazing.