Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I win! I win I win I win!

I would like to take this moment to discuss how awesome I am.

At 6:05 this morning, as the sun rose over the condo monstrosity across the street, I finished* my last college paper ever (at this point, people, I have a fat kid's chance in gym class of making it to grad school).

I was going to take a picture of the sunrise but I smelled pretty badly of stupid and could not manage to get my camera to function. So here's a Brooklyn sunset. Just as pretty, only on the opposite side of the apartment.

*finished means that I could not possibly come up with another word to type so I saved it, now in the next few hours I have to make sure I did all those fancy things like write in complete sentances and use periods and stuff.

I think its appropriate to pull an all nighter for the final big paper, if for no other reason than it reaffirms my choice to be D-O-N-E with school all together.

Anyway, so I'm feeling that a little acceptance speech is in order.

First and foremost I'd like to thank the various forms of liquid caffine that prevented me from having to inject it directly into my eyeballs to stay awake after only getting 4 hours of sleep Sunday night. I'd also like to thank that bag of Microwave Kettle Corn for hanging out and being crazy delicious, even 4 hours after being popped. The West Wing season 2 dvds need to be recognized for their abilitly to lull me into a condusive writing mode. My Nantucket shirt, for giving me the drive I needed to finish this nonsense up so the summer can begin. Natalie for the coffee, and Mel for the I Can't Believe its not Butter for my toast (though as of this writing neither one actually knows that they helped the cause, thanks anyway girls!). Hallie, Tierra, Rachel, Waseem and Aimee for the cheerleading and the emotional support, particulary Hallie for still being around at 4 AM and Aimee for getting me totally excited about our upcoming "Sex and the City: Chicago Style" existance. My blogging boss needs a huge thanks for not yelling at me as I haven't done work in two weeks, Myspace for being the best distraction tool ever and Limewire for letting me download that episode Grey's Anatomy that I got to watch when I was done as my "reward" for finishing.

At this point I'm too wound up to sleep. I'm gonna do some editing, start packing (!!!) and get ready to turn this sucker in.

I can't believe its over. I've spent the past two weeks telling grown-ups that the reason I've waited until the last possible second to write this piece of horse poop is because I'm feeling, "slightly nostalgic and sad about it being my last paper." And while that was total bs when it was coming out of my mouth, it's actually kinda true. Though I bitch and moan about it, I love writing and I love having to write. Its so hard for me to write without being faced with an imenent deadline.

Anyway, lets graduate and see how things go.

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