Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It could happen to you

Everything in your life can be going peachy keen sometimes. Maybe there are a few bumps in your road a few missed exits on your life map, but you can lay awake at night and think, "Yes, being in my twenties is kind of awesome."

Then it happens. It can be anything, a magazine ad, an off-hand comment, a story you hear, a text message... something.

And you realize that even though you can hold your own at the bar, can pay an electricity bill, cashed in your V card, owe money to the goverment, and not even have a curfew... you realize that you are the exact same person you were when you hated yourself the most.

You are the same person now you were in high school. Despite your new found confidence and ability to stand on your own two feet, you are still the acne-ridden, chubby, awkward girl who wanted nothing more than to sleep for the next 10 years.

People might say they grow. And maybe they do. But at some point all the self-loathing and the fear and the pit of your stomach disgust at the face staring back at you in the mirror could come back.

Then what do you do?

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that mckim girl said...

You talk to your friends, who tell you the truth: you are fabulous. Truly.

Also: was high school really worse than middle school?

She's pint-sized and amazing.