Sunday, November 30, 2008


And once again...its over and done. My fourth novel is now a word document that will probably only ever be opened when I run out of internet, just like the other three. Everyone keeps asking when they're going to get to read these, and I don't know if just a question you ask to be nice, when someone says they're writing a novel or you legitimately want to read this 50,000 word tome. But whatever the case, the answer will always be no.

In this format, in this space, these words will never be read. Sure, some got lucky enough to read excerpts from time to time, but those were the ones who took the journey with me. And some may get to read these words when they're twisted in a different way, and they're printed on real paper with real ink. A thought so scary and wonderful, I try not to wish or think too hard about it.

So stop asking.

These are my words. I wrote them for me. This is my challenge. It wasn't about coming in first, or having the most, or doing it the best. These are my words. I do this every year to prove to myself that it can be done. To prove to myself that somewhere under all the self loathing and deprecation and procrastination there are words out there that want to get out, even if they (and I) don't know it yet.

Sometimes I wonder, normally around day 23 if this is worth it. If taking all of this time out of the month of November means anything, but by the time I'm done I'm always glad I've taken the time to do it. And its done. On to December.

The annual list of thanks:

To my museum compatriots who inspired me at some times, and left me the fuck alone at others, and for always knowing which time was which. Also for not ratting me out to the higher ups when I would stop doing work and sneak away to write.

Thursdays. Who know having a day off in the middle of the week would be so flippin' useful. On each Thursday (excluding thanksgiving) I wrote at least 4000 words. Awesome.

For all those who asked me to do things in the past thirty days and haven't gotten really, really mad when I've flat out ignored them, or promised to do them and then totally forgotten.

Boy. Who provided food, drink, snuggling, discipline and distraction all when necessary. And who is probably the only person in the world who is more happy I'm done with this than I am.

Cindy Loo-Who!! My wee writing protege. Who took up the reigns herself and on the 21st, when I was ready to quit, threw her arms around me and yelled that I couldn't quit because she would have nothing left to live for (in her defense, she was pretty drunk when she said all that), and who was holding my hand as we crossed the finish line together in that super ridiculous way that we have of doing most things. And who gave me food, drink and football on a big, sexy, man TV tonight to inspire me to finish in time.

My Mom who (unknowingly) provided me with about 99% of the sustenance I consumed while writing at home. My favorites this year included Easy Mac, Mini Nantucket cookies, and the little boxes of Yogurt covered Raisins (don't worry Cougar, I'm saving the mini pickles for a celebration)

And of course, C. who made the journey with me this year, and looked like she was going to quit when times got hard, but stuck it out and got to celebrate with me this year. And will always be there for conversations like this:

Rachel- Have forgone writing for some semblance of a social life. This is probably a mistake.

C.- Ditto.

Rachel- We're lushes. Procrastinating lushes.

Here's to '09.

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that mckim girl said...

Woohoo and yay!

Seriously, November is a sucky, sucky month. It gets cold and dark and our bank balances look scary with the holidays approaching and all the false optimism we had in September (the TRUE start of the year) is gone, BUT...NaNoWriMo. Makes it all worth it.

She's pint-sized and amazing.