Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fo' Real this time...

This blog post is NOT about Moving...or packing or painting or complaining. I promise. I don't know what its about yet. But for sure not any of those things.

This is about my jobS.

At the age of 25 I do not know what I "thought" I'd be doing...I mean, I guess as a kid, I was pretty sure I would be rich and famous by this point but The Powers That Be I guess decided that they like Rachel McAdams more. C'est La Vie.

Anyfart, now I'm 25 and I still don't have anyone paying for my health insurance, which is a major bummer and I think I've decided that it is the barometer for the rest of my life. My goal is to have someone else paying for at least some of my health insurance by the end of the year. I am completely terrified that this is going to mean I have to get married on Dec 31st so I see this through, but fingers crossed it won't come to that.

The funny thing is, I have two fairly good jobs. Their epic flaw is their lack of full-time-y-ness. I kind of fell into both of them in a swirly slide kind of way, and I think that lack of a "real" application-interview-hiring process is what tripped me up.

And they both are kind of awesome. Weird, for sure, but kind of awesome and very interesting. It's pretty great to walk into a room full of strangers and know that the whole awkward, "so, what do you do for a living?" opener will probably actually facilitate some sort of interesting conversation.

As you read this blog, keep in mind I am not going to post what either of my jobs are (as I want to keep some semblance of privacy on the interwebs, but if you are sluthy enough you can probably figure it out).

The most awesome thing about my jobs is the lack of attendance responsibility. For the three-day a week number I really do not have to ever show up at all if I don't want. I can almost permanently work from home. I would never do that, because I wouldn't actually get anything done but I can come and go as I please.

The two day a week jobber requires just that, two days a week (most weeks). Since job 1 is so flexible it makes the rigidity of job 2 a little bit easier. Most weeks my two days are Wednesday and Thursday but if something comes up, I can do a little switcheroo and most people don't even remember, much less care.

What does this REALLY mean? It means I have no qualms about going on a shitton of vacations. Since I started this duo-career business (in I would say April of last year) I have taken no less than 15 vacation days. This year I will have easily racked up 40 by August.

You have to admit, you are kind of jealous of this. Do you get 40 vacation days? Unless your business cards say "Hobo" I'm going to guess not. Okay now, run back into the arms of your 401(k) and Dental and snuggle in their warmth and security.

There are other nice things about them - mostly how different they are. At one, it is me and one other gal (as Granny would say) and we sit in our office and work straight through the day. This is the job where when I am at work, I work, and I get things done. This is the job with a good title and a lot on my plate and being able to consistently see that I am having an impact on the organization at large. Also, there is a trampoline. And on Fridays I get to jump on it. Do not discount how important this is to a healthy work enviroment.

The other job is in a HUGE building and it is full of people that are nice and fun and tend to stop by my desk to say hi and find out how its going. This is a job where we have mandated scavenger hunts and relay races some mornings. Where I learn new things every day. Not new abstract things like. "how to deal with difficult people" (although that comes up) but new facts. Like why you should reverse the direction of your ceiling fan in the winter (helps keep the hot air from rising and escaping. Fun Fact!) At this job I have tasks that need to get done, but they are managable. The list is always finite, and if I really buckle down I can get most of my work done in about 2 hours. Of course a lot of my work requires the imput of others and when you involve those variables that's what takes up all of my time. But I get to write blogs and read the internet and wander around and do cool things like eat ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.

It is hard to have two jobs that should be full time and yet...are not. I spend a lot of time working on one job while at the other and having to play catch up. Also, sometimes I have no idea where I am supposed to be on any given day (okay, this is not entirely true, but I have woken up some mornings in a panic thinking that I have overslept, when really I'm just working somewhere else).

Eventually there will come a day where I will have one job. I am leaning towards one now more than the other due to the vacationbonanza I mentioned above. And even though it will be nice to be singularly employeed. I will kind of miss my dual life.

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