Tuesday, January 01, 2013

In & Outtie

There are very few things I look forward to with this much anticipation every year. The in and out list helps make my year the best it can be. Which, tends to be not so great, so there you go.

Some notes on this year's list:

St. Germaine (out) / Sherry (in). This is one of the classic frustrations of this list. I only discovered in 2012 what a fucking delight drinks made with St. Germaine and champagne can be, and now I have to cast it aside for Sherry. Which, let me tell you, I had a bottle of sherry in my house for four years, and for those of you playing along at home, that means, that I moved said bottle of sherry four times. It wasn't until I made Boyfriend chug it with club soda and regret that I finally got rid of it. It's easily the worst.

Can't I'm going to Iceland (out)/Can't I'm going to Antarctica (in). This is a sign that I am on the right track. I already did Iceland. And while my tentative trip to parts south wouldn't happen until 2014 - its at least a good excuse for any weddings or wristband parties that might be planned for the next year.

Leica (out)/Lytro (in). The best part of the In/Out list is learning about new things. For example, how bad ass is this Lytro camera? So. the answer is So. bad ass. While I will not (probably) purchase one of these guys, the fact that I know they exist makes me feel way better about myself as a member of society.

Mason Jars (out)/Growlers (in). Further proof that my godmother is trendy long before her time. She introduced me to Piece growlers back in 2006. And they've always been better than mason jars due to the fact that they can fit more beer (duh).

Fred Armisen, Seth Meyers & Jay Pharoah (out)/Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon & Cecily Strong (in). Part of being part of the improv community in Chicago (I have discovered) is watching people you know go off to do bigger and better things. This is the first time that someone I know has been actually listed BY NAME on the In/Out list. Which is pretty amazing. Thanks for that free TV Aidy! And thanks for covering my box office shift that one time Cecily!

Having it all (out)/Halving it all (in). This is the year of getting healthy. So there is that kind of metaphorical halving. But also - for Christmas, Boyfriend got me a companion pass which means we essentially get BOGO air travel for the rest of the year. This is the year to be one half of an amazing, adventuring team.

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