Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bad Poetry, part who cares

Through the torrential downpours
both literal and figurative

My boyfriend brought me empenadas
in a pizza box
25% nutella
25% bacon date goat cheese

I ate grilled cheese and a sundae
the whole thing
from Margies. With Jill.
and we clinked spoons
and toasted taking control of our destiny

Through the bright flashes of lightening and loud blasts of thunder
both literal and figurative

I stumbled across people from my past
both near past
and far past
We hugged about new adventures
or just stared across the aisle of the Broadway bus

I yogaed four times in a row
feeling stronger even when feeling weak
and cheered on Aimee who made it to seven

Through the heavy, heavy hearts
both literal and figurative

I cuddled babies who needed it
as much as I did.

And worked with five awesome fourth graders
on their slam poems
and the difference between literal and figurative.

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