Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trying to ketchup

Hello Blog.

I miss you. I'm sorry I haven't been around. I've been a busy girl. And I've been working on lots of new things and the world has been a little sad and when the world gets sad, I get sad. So. Anyway.

I'm back now... I promise. There's a new chapter starting in May. And with it comes the potential to set new routines in place. And one of those routines will be (I hope) finishing blogs. I have so many half-started blogs lined up, and I lose interest or decide they're not good enough or whatever and move on. So...lets try being better at finishing what we start.

Here is a pictorial representation of my life right now.

That is my fridge. Please note, there is one egg. Un œuf. in that egg carton. Also, please note the three types of butter, the single cans of a variety of caffeinated (and notcaffeinated beverages) and the itty-bitty amount of left over soup that sat for three days before I finally got around to eating it. And you might be like, "hey Rach, look at all that delicious yogurt!" and then I'd be like, "that is Boyfriend's work yogurt, and after binging on yogurt for six months I'm off yogurt until at least summer."

And here is the door of the fridge.

Yep. Approximately one bajillion types of mustard AND jam.

This is my life. All the condiments, nothing to put them on.

To new adventures.

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