Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Five years of this.

We don't celebrate anniversaries.

We celebrate sandwich Tuesdays 
and Bike Accident day
and the weekends when all our favorite teams win.

We don't do presents.

We do far away adventures
and close to home adventures 
and drive through the night because we forgot to book a hotel room adventures.

We don't do flowers.
Because if you tell a guy once that you don't like flowers
You will never, ever get flowers
(Lesson learned).

We do:
Late nights on the couch.
Breakfast in mugs.
Bad fights that end in huffs.
Joint travel anxiety.
Walking far.
Staying in. 
Being scared.
Providing comfort.
Beer with fruit.
Shoes everywhere.
Bad photographs.
Good bits.

Here's to five years of whatever this is, and whatever it will be. 

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