Thursday, February 23, 2006

Come on now part 2: Electric Bugaloo

Oh MAN, Sasha!

So. I'm a figure skating dork, and a gymnastics dork. Its something that I've been afflicted with since I was a kid, who desperatly wanted to be a gymnast and a figure skater but was too poor with not enough flexability and who really liked food.

They're the only two sports I care about when it comes to Olympics and this year I didn't even bother to watch the women's skating because I hate Sasha Cohen in that completely irrational Almost-Stole-The-Gold-From-Michelle-Kwan (who is my hero and I love and totally want to go get white wine and Italian food with) kind of way. But she was on Project Runway and she was our best shot. So I was kinda stoked. I thought maybe she could pull it off.

Aparently not.

(ed note: I totally abandonned this blog as I answered the sweet siren song of free food, but I do have more to say on this completely useless topic...)

Okay. I feel bad for the girl. I really do because to have that much talent and artistry and have no ability to perform under pressure must totally suck. I can understand why she didn't rehearse when she was supposed to that whole, psych the other people out to calm myself down kind of thing, but it obviously did not work. So, even though she is not Michelle Kwan and on the basis of that alone I kind of still have to hate her, I also feel crazy amounts of pity. ALSO!? How is it possible that she fell twice and still got the silver?! I don't quite understand this new judging system (mostly because I just don't have enough time to care) but I feel the need to call shennanigans on a system that lets someone crash and burn twice and still medal. Also, peace out mini-Hughes. I guess genetics just weren't enough.

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that mckim girl said...

That is what I'm talking about! How DID she fall twice and still get a silver? Not fair. I mean, I had been watching that cool girl from Georgia, who the commentators kept saying had no chance at a medal...she didn't fall! Not once! How did Sasha do that much better than her?

In other news, Lizzie and I have taken to calling each other Slutskaya.

She's pint-sized and amazing.