Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How lovely to be...

I rarely do nice things for my appearance, because I have accepted myself as a glorified lady hobo but sometimes the opportunity comes along and you take it.

So I got a manicure. 

 This picture makes my fingers look weird.  
But, I am obsessed with this pretty blue color.

I think in my entire life I have gotten maybe 4 manicures.  I documented the nightmare experience of one of them here and here.  And then I got one for Bean's wedding with less traumatic results. 

And I just got one to celebrate the end of Cindy-Lou's single hood and now I am obsessed with sneaking peeks and my pretty, pretty nails.  Of course I've already ruined them a little bit (once a lady hobo, always a lady hobo) but they're still quite nice.

I understand why girls do such things on a regular basis.  I don't have the expendable income to allow for such frivolity, but I am inspired to at least try to maintain such a silly piece of femininity for awhile. 

Please also note that I got a manicure and then spent most of the day Sunday lying in old sweatpants watching football (as a little bit pictured) don't worry - I haven't gone too soft.

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