Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh....now I get it.

I hesitate to write about work in this space, because I am quite well aware of how the internet tubes are in everyones' homes - and it is much to easy to link the human me to me on this piece of internet.

But - for a moment, I shall speak in vagaries and metaphors and express as much compassion as my poor, shriveled heart can - to a woman I haven't spoken with in well over seven years.

I used to be a dancer.  And I used to be young.  And I was somewhat unaware about how many more important things there were in the world besides me and my personal orbit.  Now that I am older, I have a little more perspective and have a touch of humility.

Not only that, but I work in a field not too unlike the one I spent the vast majority of my childhood in - and so my perspective is that much more... rotund (??). And so for a moment I would like to give the gift of empathy.

I now understand how hard it must have been to be in charge of something that children (and in some cases, their parents) value so much and put so much weight and focus on.   My experiences are different and yet, for the past few weeks I keep coming back to my own childhood - and the irony of this particular role reversal.

I understand how hard it must be to have even the slightest bit of perceived control over a piece of a child's life.  I understand the struggle between two rights. I know how important things can seem when you're young.

And so - to the woman who was the me before me - I recognize your struggle.  I don't know what it feels like to you but I would be interested to hear it (if I thought you would ever speak to me again).

Life is weird - and I guess I have learned that you would be surprised by the bridges you wish hadn't burned - either through malice or disinterest. 

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