Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Book 14 - Emma

Guys!  I read another book!  That's what I've been doing instead of writing blogs.  I get exactly 6 minutes of quiet time a day and I spend it reading (and checking facebook).  Sorry, folks.

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So, I read Emma.

And technically, this should count as a re-read as (apparently) I read it in college, however, I think it is one of those books I read the first three pages of and was like, "yeah, I can bullshit my way through any assignments that get tossed my direction.  Next!" (in my own defense, I was supposed to read something like 40 books that semester, and, actually attempt a social life...clearly the booze won, every time).

Anyway, so I read Emma.  And it took me longer than I was expecting, but I've been traveling and, again, I am a terrible person.  Also, the beginning of Emma is pretty long with way more exposition than was really necessary.  Reading the book was kind of like taking a mental bath.  Occasionally I paid attention to my surroundings, but mostly I just enjoyed the words and how they sounded and how easy it was to find the funny in this particular book.

I struggled with the funny in Pride and Prejudice.  Everyone is so concerned with being smart in that book that they left me behind.  But in this, I got to enjoy Miss Bates and Harriet along with everyone else.

Guys, Jane Austen writing Miss Bates is, to me, the epitome of my writing goals.  I am pretty close, but man, the way you can just hear her talking.  Its so awesome to me.  I got sick of reading it to myself because I found her so tedious.  Any book that brings out an emotion like that deserves two thumbs up (even though I know I have friends who don't agree with my assessment).

Also, can we talk about how big a douche Frank Churchill is?  Oh man, douchewaffle of the century.  I tots would have fallen for him.  What a mess.

And let me just say - Jane Austen knows how to build an effin' moment.  You spend most of the book just hanging out and then all of a sudden there is Mr. Knightley professing his love.  I literally squeeled.  Squeeeeeeeled and then bent my knees and tucked my feet up and brought the book closer to my face as if proximity to the pages made the story more likely to happen to me.  Even if Mr. Knightley is, for all intents and purposes, a fuddy-duddy it must be nice to swept off your feet, regency style.

Also, fun note -  I bought this from Bookworm, my favorite used book store and paid $4, only to turn it over and discover that back in the day (early 90's?) it retailed for $2.50.  I am such a sucker.

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