Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some things that are true...

1- I am a bad blogger.  (Bad blogger!  Outside!)

2- I can no longer determine which of the laundry on my floor is clean, and which is dirty.

3-Buying art builds a certain type of euphoria inside of me.  Its like when I was allowed to sit at the grown-ups' table as a kid.  I just feel SO grown-up (even when the art in question is this)

4- I am reading Emma. I spend a vast majority of my reading time wishing I was watching Clueless.

5- I rediscovered Livejournal.  I used to be angsty and whiny.

6- In the past week and (almost) a half, I have used nearly an entire container of hydrocortisone cream on some nasty bug bites I acquired while in Florida.  And they're still itchy.  Am I doing it wrong?

7- Door County is on my mind.

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