Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday's Best Internet Finds! Sassy Laaaay-dee edition

Listen, there's a big wide world of internet out there and I am here to tell you which girls make it their pool boy.

Love Your Awesome
Steph was one of my first baby-sitting monsters.  We used to get out a big silver bowl and put all the food in the house in it.  Then we would eat three bites and her mom would throw it away the next morning.  We were the biggest food wasters, but it was all so they would think I was the best baby-sitter ever.  Anywho - now she is all grow'd up, living a glorious post-college existence in New York and writing about being grade-A awesomesauce.

Kathy writes a travel blog, and Chelsea writes a "style" blog, and they both are so crazy funny and eloquent about their chosen themes, I wish they would write more (this is a hint, girls).

And of course, most of the ladies blogrolled on the left are the best ladies you'll ever find taking up the internet tubes with their musings on puppies, race relations, and having hairy legs while getting a pedicure.

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