Sunday, November 06, 2011

Saturday Sleeping v. Dreaming

One of my least favorite things about my life right now, is that I have been robbed of having a normal weekend.  Its not any one's fault, I just have a job that has taken my Saturday mornings hostage.  And a standing rehearsal that bogarts my Sunday AMs.

The Saturdays are what really make me sad- I have spent my whole working life trying to avoid working on Saturdays yet, except for the two years I spent being slowly and painfully driven crazy, I have always, always punched the time clock on Saturday and/or Sunday. 

Yesterday though, I remembered why I work on Saturdays - because even though getting up at 7:30 on Saturdays is easily one of the most frustrating things in my life- and as the temperature drops, it gets harder and harder to pull myself out of my nice, warm, boyfriend-filled bed. Saturdays are what remind me why I work where I do.

Saturdays aren't spent in the office, or in front of the computer - they're spent watching kids discover how much they can achieve - they are for being inspired, and chest-burstingly proud.   They're for talking to parents and solving the simple problems now, before they become big problems.  They're for strategizing and laughing and talking about books we've read.

They're for trying my own hand at some of the fun sometimes and eating cookies.

It doesn't look like Saturday mornings at work are going away any time soon - but I wrote this to remind me that its worth it. 

As I watch kids careen across the floor on unicycles for the first time.  As one of the kids excitedly asks me to post the video of his double front on facebook for all to see. As the moms tell me how great they think I am. Its worth it.

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