Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween pixels

I took a few pictures of the holiday and then gussied them up on my phone.  I am pretty obsessed with the pixlromatic app.  It takes my lame photos and makes them interesting looking.

I should be out being in my 20's but instead I am in, wearing jammies, watching  Mad Men, drinking spiked apple cider and waiting for Boyfriend to get up again so he can get me a mini Mounds bar. 

Next year I shall be social, this year I just took pictures.

I spotted this sweet headband on my extra-long Halloween-edition bus ride home.  It was pretty much the only thing that kept me from getting up and screaming that everyone just needed to shut up and ride the bus like grown ups.

 My unused Halloween costume.  I brought it to work just in case I was expected to be wearing one (this is the first year that Halloween has been on a program day since I've been working there and since I'm the boss, I didn't have anyone to ask about the rules, so I figured I would call and audible).  I was going to be a Chicago Bear.  Geddit??

One of the sweet tutors at our program brought goodie bags for everyone!  I love treats! The best part was when one of the kids asked what was in it, she says, "Sugar.  You'll love it."

I am kind of in love with this.  Before our party on Saturday, Boyfriend covered our entire house in fake cobwebs including the top of our bed frame.  It's been fun to wake up to Halloween, and since we're grown-ups we don't have to take it down until Christmas.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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