Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's Best Internet Finds! Traveling Edition.

Guys.  It's almost Friday.  Woot.

Here are some things from the internet to keep you going until 2 or 3 PM tomorrow when you check out on the week and spend the rest of your work day on Facebook and devising plans to sneak out early.

I am beyond excited to know both of these amazing woman personally.  They are both smart, funny and look really good in a LBD.  Not only that - they are both on incredible journeys that reading about leaves me seething with jealousy.

Meegan and I worked together as Smart Homies at MSI. And she let me buy her copy of Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim for super cheap after my Mom took mine.  Right now she is at a Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica helping injured sloths and having a Grade-A adventure.  She is also taking videos. Read (and watch, for all of you with lazy eyes) about all of the amazing things she is doing Here

Holly was one of my favorite students while I taught dance (since it was over 10 years ago, I am allowed to have retrospective favorites).  She just graduated from college (those years went by fast!) and is now on a trip to Cambodia! She is working with children (perhaps in an orphanage?) and posts some insanely adorable pictures. I get so excited to see kids I have worked with grow up to be amazing young adults. Holly's super cute photos and descriptions of her adventures can be found Here!

Sadly, both of their adventures are much too short - but bookmark them and read while you can.  

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