Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birthday thoughts

In my old age, I have decided that getting presents makes me really anxious because I hate pretty much everything and I am really not good at hiding the fact that I hate everything.

But! There are some things I really like about birthdays:

-taking advantage of free things (both coldstone and chik-fil-a give you free dessert!)
-getting mail.  Sometimes this is presents, but just getting cards is quite enough for me.
-sleeping late because I want to.
-dressing up for no real reason at all
-having an excuse to talk to people I don't normally get to talk to
-buying nice things for myself (yes. I would rather spend my own money than have people buy them for me).

**I am still working on other birthday memories (I got sick last week and started making excuses) I can't decide if I am going to post them this year or next year.

Also, the amount of birthday love one gets on the facebook is overwhelming.  What a lovely tool for making people feel good about themselves one day of the year.  Thanks Marky Z!

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