Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little bit about love.

So.  A few months ago, I had one of the hardest decisions of my life (based on past experiences you can figure out how much hyperbole has been sprinkled on that statement).  Luckily, it was kind of made for me.

Two of the most amazing, smartest, prettiest, sassiest ladies I know (Cindy-loo and KChu) are getting married to two of the luckiest guys in the known universe (AndyP and Howie Howardson, respectively).  And it just so happens they picked the exact same day to celebrate.  But of course, they couldn't get married in the same room.  Noooo, that would be "weird." So I had to make the epic choice of which one do I love more.  Well, not actually.  Cindy-loo very sweetly (and for reasons that still I don't quite understand because I am terrible at this particular job) asked me to rep for her in front of Greek Jesus. 

I so rarely get a chance to hang out with Greek Jesus, that I said yes.  And a bridesmaid was made.

So Cindy-loo and AndyP. get my presence at their wedding. 

KChu, and Howie Howardson get this, a blog about them. (and honestly, I don't know which is the fuzzier end of that lollipop).

KChu & Howie Howardson,

There is some thing crazy special, and the most fun of your 20's life, about getting a front row ticket to watching real, true, forever love happen. 

Its pretty rare to know, and be friends, with two single people, and then watch overtime as they evolve to be a couple. Still two awesome people, but two people who have high-fived and decided that they're going to take on this big, bad world together. 

I feel like so many of my friends started dating strangers (we like to call the interlopers) who only through their dating of one of the finest people in the world, have I gotten to be friends with.  But KChu and Howie were both great people with solid stamps of approval before the first awkward attempt at hand holding ever went down.

This was Howie Howardson getting real, real sauced at 9:30 AM watching Badger Football.  Maybe flirting with a waitress, maybe yelling at the televisions, but always there, surrounded by at least 6 female friends and occasionally a dude or two.  And we all waited for the girl who would walk through the doors of that stupid, stupid bar and be good enough for Howie - and his pile of lady friends.

Well, what do you know?  She was already there.  Maybe it took a few more months for her to become part of the circle but she was a brilliant, occasionally overserved but always responsible, fast friend.  She went to college on the East Coast (unlike everyoneelseintheuniverse who had gone to school out in these parts) but she was still from Wisconsin in all the best ways.  East coast brains with a midwest heart?  Ain't no shame in KChu's game.

There they each were. Through the yelling and the confetti and the gallons of Miller Lite being spilled every where.  They managed to spot all the right things about each other.  And while the rest of us were contemplating what the secret ingredient in the tater tots was, and where Naulty had lost her credit card, they were in those very baby stages of becoming a team.

Then there was the time line of drama.  Drawn on text messages and serious bathroom talks, on book club conversations and the bottom of the shot glass.  The good and the bad and the "what happened last night?" We were spectators and occasional coaches, whether they liked it or not.

While they were weathering each other, they were also forced to weather us - Statler and Waldorf times six, but much higher pitched. Us girls with too much time on our hands were there for the commentary, but also to occasionally steal focus with all our own silly, silly hearts. 

And then you survived!  You survived those years with an Apple Holler and a Mars Cheese Castle between you.  Even though it had to have been tough, we all secretly knew that this was the test, this was your journey through the Hidden Temple, and if you made it through you would be together for life (and also possibly win a trip to Space Camp).

KChu & Howie Howardson, I don't know if you can really comprehend how much we all love you.  You are both incredibly smart, and perhaps with your powers combined you can understand how much we (me, and all your other loud, drunk friends) have loved watching you guys find each other and start this life together.

Thanks for letting us come on the journey with you.  Thanks for being awesome while single and while dating.  Thanks for both being able to (individually) hold your own at a late-night Baby Atlas dance party. Thanks for being two of the best listeners in the history of people-having-ears.

I have been told that every bar in the world can only produce one couple.  While people will meet in bars and inevitably make bad choices with each other, each bar can only produce one real, amazing, forever couple.  I am so happy that Redmond's got you guys.  And as a celebration of that, let's never go back.

I love you both so much. I'm sorry I can't be there to be embarrassing on the dance floor.


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