Thursday, October 06, 2011

An apple.

My MacBook was a Christmas/Graduation present from my Mom the winter after I graduated from college.  When she gave it to me, I think she thought I didn't like it, because I lost the power of speech.

I could not believe that this thing I had wanted so very badly was actually now mine. 

Every time I open it, this small piece of me gets so excited because this Macbook is still mine.

Call it hype, call it a superior product, call it easy-to-use - I have never loved any piece of technology quite as much as I have loved my MacBook (and now my future phone).

And whether or not you own an apple product (and let's be real, you probably do) you have to admire a guy who was able to build this much hype.

"Because the man who was crazy enough to think he could change the world, was the one who did."

My job is silly, but in some ways this quote speaks to everything I do and every goal I set.  Most of the writing on this overpriced, dirty (white was a bad choice) and now frustratingly slow (more RAM for Christmas plz) is frivolous, but there is some, just sitting on the desk top, that speaks to this dream.

Thank you Steve Jobs for everything you created.  Even if its all just smoke and mirrors and funny ads.

At least it doesn't get viruses.

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