Friday, October 07, 2011

and Beyond.

Apparently, NASA is looking for Astronauts.

I struggle with thinking that I am worthless a fair amount of the time and normally a little bit of convincing can get me to see that maybe I am worth just a touch more than my Kelly Blue Book value.

However, this is one area that makes me feel completely hopeless.

I have always wanted to go into space.  Its a completely intangible dream but one (like so many others) I can't seem to shake.

I can see how impractical it is, but beyond that, I am also quite aware that I will never be smart enough to go into space.

You can try to negotiate with me all you want on this one, but I will never back down.  This is the one thing I have ever wanted that is completely unobtainable, not because of luck or money or resources, but because I do not have the brain power to accomplish it.

Its frustrating, to say the least, but something I accept with only a little bit of sadness.

I know there are a lot of things that deserve money over the funding of the space program (many of them are causes that are nearest and dearest to my heart) but to go to space? To go beyond?  To experience something that no one who has gone there seems to be able to truly describe? 

I want it if only for that challenge.

Is this giving up?  Or is it acceptance? 

While I know I am not qualified, I challenge those who do go into space (and also read my blog, I have to assume that the two are not mutually exclusive) to be smart enough to get there, and then write about it.

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