Friday, May 16, 2014

Face Off.

Influenster sent along the super amazing Mary Kay Glam VoxBox and I've been loving playing with all the goodies that came in the box.

I owe the universe a blog about how amazing all these things are (because they are - the cream eyeliner, omg). But right now, I kind of hate my face. I know that it is the one that I am always going to have so it is time to start loving it, but right now? not so much.

So have a good weekend. On Monday I will put my game face (heh) face on and tell you all about how Mary Kay is not just for old ladies any more. Until then, recognize that everyone has an ugly day (or few days) some times even when they are on the internet.


Jessica said...

I am so curious about cream eye liner! Difficult to use? Smeary in my eyeballs? How it works with glasses v. contacts? None of those were actual sentences and for that I'm sorry but I also want to know more about it.

Rachel said...

Cream eye liner is awesome but not for the faint of heart or lady in a rush. I either get it perfect on the first try or it is a 20 minute debacle.

It did not smear at all, I just would sometimes get too aggressive with the brush and it would go everywhere. I also never wore it on the lower lid, as I could never get it to be not raccoon-ish.

I do not wear glasses or contacts, but I think it would be fine.

It is so dramatic and fun. I loved playing with it! Thanks for all your not-questions!

She's pint-sized and amazing.