Monday, May 19, 2014

Mary Kay Vox Box review

Guys. I owe you some words about Mary Kay. Influenster was nice enough to send me the Mary Kay Glam Vox Box so I could realize a couple things.

One. The lighting in my bathroom is ferociously terrible.

Two. I make weird faces. 

Three. This lip gloss is On. Point. It goes on a little too glossy for my personal taste, but it lasts with a nice every day red that seems to work with everything.

Four. Gel eyeliner is so scary, but so FUN. Right eye over there is made up to the nines with the Lash Love Mascara, Gel Eyeliner, and Cream eye color (in apricot twist). So fun!

Five. There are so many more goodies in this box that I am going to be tweeting about like whoa. 

In conclusion - Mary Kay is not make-up for old ladies. Mary Kay is make up for all ladies who like really great quality make up at a decent price. Plus anything I can buy while wearing sweat pants is pretty great. Call your local Mary Kay lady (trust me, you have one) and get on this business.  And some day I will learn how to not look totally awkwardsauce in pictures.

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