Tuesday, January 24, 2006

crazy people make the day go faster

So I'm working for this company that has a pretty wicked British influence. You could actually probably definatly call it a British company...that broadcasts things. So I sit here at the front desk and take advantage of the free internet and hot chocolate and try not to fall asleep between 9 and 5:30. Its not very exciting mostly because there isn't any production done here, it's just all the boring businessy crap (although its a nice office and the people are grand and like I said-- free hot chocolate and bagels on friday!) so I'm really forced to make my own fun.

Thankfully the fun was made for me this afternoon. A girl of about fourteen and an older woman who I'm going to assume was her mother walk into the office which was already weird because I bring the average age down about 4 years so anyone younger than me is a fairly rare sight. The girl breaks into this obviously rehearsed speech about how she missed auditions for Luna Lovegood (for Harry Potter, to all of those living under some sort of rock formation) because they were in London and she was here rescuing kittens or something and so would she be able to go ahead and audition here for me, right now at this very moment (I maybe paraphrasing but this was the general message). I try to not look at her like she rides the short bus and tell her that contrary to popular belief, not everything that has to do with the British also has to do with Harry Potter and so no, I was a complete vaccuum of information regarding Harry Potter auditions.

She kind of got sad but didn't fight, which is where her mother stepped in to inform me that "No, I was wrong, I did have information and no matter how many times I said I didn't have information I actually did because she has an accent which automatically makes her a mind reader." After repeatedly telling the woman that seriously? we had nothing to do with effin' Harry Potter and maybe she should try some one who, I don't know, does? I gave up and gave her the number for the London office so she could bother their receptionist for 39 cents a minute.

Also, the embarrasing Harry Potter freak inside of me wanted to shout, "Hello! You aren't British! Nice try Princess America!"

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that mckim girl said...

Maybe she just thought you knew about Harry Potter because you, personally, are the American posterchild of the phenomenon.

Also, I am having Chik-fil-a for breakfast. The wonder of this should never be underestimated.

She's pint-sized and amazing.